Sit. Rep. #126: The Dark Side, If – again

1- Scouting:  Ask every Scouter you know what their life would be like without Scouts?  What did they learn & how did they use that knowledge or skills from Scouts?  What would they have done differently in Scouts?  What kind of Leadership roles were learned in Scouts?  What kind of Service Projects did those Scouts do?  Which basic Scout Skills do they use more often?  Which Scout skill have they found most useful?

2- The year 2020, the year of the Covid, strikes me that what I want is “normal.”  I would like to get into a gym.  Be able to smile at people without a mask.  Shake hands when meeting a friend.  Have a normal Scout Meeting where we can go inside.  Go to Summer Camp and have MB classes without approval from the government.  Have a cookout with friends.  Go to church.  And the list goes on…

K: Did you know there is a star called the Dog Star?
L: Are you Sirius?

3- There is a dark side to first aid.  In all of the classes and con-ed that I have ever taken, these topics have never been broached.

A- Someone freaks out in the middle of an emergency.  They may runoff.  They may hide.  Their behavior becomes unpredictable.  They may cry.  They may scream.  They may turn into a gibberish-speaking idiot.  They may do unpredictable things.  None of which is helpful.

How do you deal with this?  Here are some suggestions – they may help or not:  Make a connection with the person.  Be kind and compassionate.  Hold their hand or share a hug.  Be calm but firm and direct in giving directions.  Give them a duty away from the action or scene.  Tell them to sit out-of-the-way and stay seated and quiet until told otherwise.  Tell them that they are not helping the situation.  Encourage good coping skills.  Tell them to breathe deep and slow down.  Remind them to be safe.  Ask them to help you and for them to stay by your side (so you can protect them).  Ask them to say a prayer.

There is no “right” answer in the heat of the moment.  Demanding, blaming, yelling and physical altercations are probably not going to work.  Good luck, stay calm, and be safe!

B- Someone may die.  Sometimes you can prevent it.  Sometimes you can not.  You must take care of yourself first & foremost!  Both mentally, physically, and emotionally!  It is normal and OK to cry, feel the loss, be occasionally haunted, ask what you could have done differently, talk with God and ask “Why?”.

What is NOT OK is to never stop thinking about it.  Uncontrollable crying. Deep or constant depression.  Lack of appetite.  Enormous or unusual appetite.  Not wanting to get out of bed.  Can’t sleep.  Pacing.  Reoccurring nightmares.  Shakes.  Wanting to never go back into similar situations.  Staring off into space. Mysterious ailments.  Gut/digestive problems.  Memory loss or blanking out.  When you start getting any of these symptoms or if someone suggests that you may need some help; get help.  You must take care of yourself first & foremost!  Get the help!

M: I am so happy that I could break into a song.
N: You would not have to break in if you found the right key.

4- IF – Rudyard Kipling (just the first 4 lines):

If you can keep your head when all about you   
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
   But make allowance for their doubting too;


5- Meeting Plans & Notes:

Been there,

Creative Campfires by Thomas Mercaldo

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