Sit. Rep. #12: Monster Clothing

1- Let’s start off with a trivia question: We know that Galileo Galilei is sometimes credited with the invention of the telescope. That earns him the title of The Father of Observational Astronomy. What 2 inventions had to be made before he could invent the telescope? What other invention was made using the same technology as the telescope? (3 answers please)
     Note: The Dutch eyeglass maker Hans Lippershey (or Lipperhey) is credited with the first patent of a telescope in 1608.

A- What kind of people travel a lot?
B- Roam-ans.

2- The short version of a bit of history. Before Galileo there was a fellow astronomy geek called Nicolaus Copernicus; Everyone, and especially the Catholic Church, deemed that the universe circled the Earth!  Copernicus, a Polish Priest, put forth that the universe was Heliocentric. That all the planets revolved around the Sun. (People were burned at the stake for teaching such!)

Tycho Brahe (who studied law and then turned to observational astronomy) made a lifetime of collecting and recording stellar observations. He hired a near-sighted but excellent mathematician named Johannes Kepler. Kepler used Brahe’s data and recordings to prove that the orbits of the planets are elliptical – not circular.

On another note; All the planets (and the moon) orbit very close to the Plane Of The Ecliptic. But not exactly on the ecliptic plane. The plane is defined by Earth’s orbit around the Sun. So the timing has to work exactly for a Solar Eclipse or a Lunar Eclipse. (the orbit planes have to intersect just right and at the right time)

3- There will be a Full Moon on April 7, 2020. That full moon has the nickname of “Pink Moon” because it shows up when the pink flowers are in bloom. The Flower Moon will come on May 7, 2020.

C- What is the Oak Tree’s favorite drink?
D- Root Beer.

4- (I could not think of the word last night – so here it is) You can also start a different kind of plant by GRAFTING. You usually get a hybrid of the 2 different kinds of trees that you combined in the graft.

5- In Sit. Rep. # 6, I talked about Education. And the value that Education has on your life. Now consider the people who have dedicated their life, their energy, their expertise, their knowledge, and their caring to help you have a better life. Do you know the name/s of the custodian staff at your school?  I suggest that you say “Thank You” to all these “teachers and support personnel.”

E- Why can’t you trust artists?
F- They’re sketchy.

6- Ham Radio: What is the limitation for emissions on frequencies between 219 and 220 MHz?
           Fixed digital message forwarding systems only.
7- What HF bands does a (Ham) Technician class operator have phone privileges?
           10-meter band.      (Note: There are 3 Classes of Ham License: Technician, General, Extra.)

G- Where do you take a very bad rainbow.
H- To prism.

Stronger together,

I- What kind of monster never irons its clothes.
J- Wash-and-wear wolf.

Scout Jokes by Thomas Mercaldo

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