Sit. Rep. #116: Philosophy

1-Ham Radio Questions:

Authorized and prohibited transmission: communications with other countries; music; exchange of information with other services; indecent language; compensation for use of station; re-transmission of other amateur signals; codes and ciphers; sale of equipment; unidentified transmissions; one-way transmission
What, if any, are the restrictions concerning the transmission of language that may be considered obscene or indecent?
      Any such language is prohibited.
Under what conditions is an amateur station authorized to transmit music using a phone emission?
     When incidental to an authorized retransmission of manned spacecraft communications.
When is it permissible to transmit messages encoded to hide their meaning?
     Only when transmitting control commands to space stations or radio control craft.

With which countries are FCC-licensed amateur radio stations prohibited from exchanging communications?
     Any country whose administration has notified the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that it objects to such communications
Currently, there are no countries that U.S. amateurs are prohibited from contacting.

In which of the following circumstances may the control operator of an amateur station receive compensation for operating that station?
     When the communication is incidental to classroom instruction at an educational institution.
When may amateur radio operators use their stations to notify other amateurs of the availability of equipment for sale or trade?
     When the equipment is normally used in an amateur station and such activity is not conducted on a regular basis.

What is the meaning of the term broadcasting in the FCC rules for the Amateur Radio Service?
      Transmissions intended for reception by the general public.
Under which of the following circumstances are amateur stations authorized to transmit signals related to broadcasting, program production, or news gathering, assuming no other means is available?
      Only where such communications directly relate to the immediate safety of human life or protection of property.

Under which of the following circumstances may an amateur radio station make one-way transmissions?
     When transmitting code practice, information bulletins, or transmissions necessary to provide emergency communications.
What types of international communications is an FCC-licensed amateur radio station permitted to make?
     Communications incidental to the purposes of the Amateur Radio Service and remarks of a personal character.

Q: A Scout asks the Scout Master where he kept all of his jokes.
R: The Scout Master replied: “In my daddy-base.”

2- Why camping, why nature studies, why explore?  All good questions.  There is multiple madness in the method of Scout camping.  Down the rabbit hole, we go to examine and scrutinize some of the madness and methods.
– It may not be totally apparent to a young Scout that being part of a team will become 2nd nature as you mature.  Teams are everywhere you look and not just sports teams.  The Scouting Patrol Method is one way of teaching leadership within a small team.  Scouts should hike, cook, camp, and solve problems as a team.

– How someone understands nature and the environment without going out into and being a part of nature is incredulous to me.
– The pure enjoyment of a warm sunrise, a glowing sunset, discovering and seeing the Milky Way or Polaris, discovering a Robin’s egg, surviving a rainstorm, smelling clear mountain air, an ocean breeze, watching the clouds for clear or stormy weather, a hot drink after a cold, snowy night, reading the ripples of the river, and the list goes on.

– Being at home in the wild is pure freedom.
– Having skills to make the wild your home and leave it so that no one else knows that you were there.
– Let’s not forget the fun of the outdoor activities!
– The songs of the birds and the mountain streams.
– The absolute stillness and quiet during a snowfall.

– Are you becoming stronger in both stamina and strength?
– Discovering tracks, markings, and scat of your wilderness neighbors.
– Building the skills and self-reliance of being a pioneer or an explorer.
– (Don’t tell anyone) Scouts of all ages are building their own character and on the character of their Patrol Mates.
– As individuals and as a Patrol; Can you stand on your own two feet?

S: How do you make gold soup?
T: Add 24 carrots.

Semper Paratus,

Thanks to KB6NU Ham Radio Study Guides

Dare to Soar by Thomas Mercaldo

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