Sit. Rep. #115: Operators, Courtesies, Cats

1- Ham Q & A:  Thanks to KB6NU Ham Radio Study Guides
An important concept in amateur radio is the control operator. The basic concept is that an amateur radio station must always have a control operator and that control operator is responsible for the proper operation of that station. And, the default control operator is the station licensee.

When is an amateur station permitted to transmit without a control operator?
Who does the FCC presume to be the control operator of an amateur station, unless documentation to the contrary is in the station records?
     The station licensee

Who must designate the station control operator?
    The station licensee
When the control operator is not the station licensee, who is responsible for the proper operation of the station?
     The control operator and the station licensee are equally responsible.

Who is accountable should a repeater inadvertently retransmit communications that violate the FCC rules?
     The control operator of the originating station.
What determines the transmitting privileges of an amateur station?
     The class of operator license held by the control operator.

When, under normal circumstances, may a Technician class licensee be the control operator of a station operating in an exclusive Amateur extra class operator segment of the amateur bands?
      At no time.
Who may be the control operator of a station communicating through an amateur satellite or space station?
     Any amateur whose license privileges allow them to transmit on the satellite uplink frequency.

• Local control. A station is said to be locally controlled when the control operator can directly manipulate the operating of an amateur radio station.
• Remote control. A station is said to be remotely controlled when the control operator indirectly manipulates the operating controls of an amateur radio station through a control link, such as a radio link, a telephone link, or an internet link.
• Automatic control. A station is said to be automatically controlled if it uses devices and procedures for control without the control operator being present at the control point.

What is an amateur station control point?
      The location at which the control operator function is performed.
Which of the following is an example of automatic control?
      Repeater operation.
Which of the following is an example of remote control as defined in Part 97?  (Part 97 is the FCC Rules for Ham Radio)
      Operating the station over the internet.
Which of the following is true of remote control operation?
      All of these choices are correct
        • The control operator must be at the control point
        • A control operator is required at all times
        • The control operator indirectly manipulates the controls

K: What do superstitious Scouts call little black cats?
L: Kittens.

2- I suggest 2 lightweight flashlights for backpacking trips.  First, a small handheld flashlight.  Second, a headlamp that you can wear while erecting a tent or cooking.  Or any task that takes 2 hands.  I like rechargeable batteries because of the cost to me and the cost to the environment.  Please re-cycle the batteries and keep them out of a landfill.  I like my headlamp to have a wide light pattern instead of a narrow one.  If possible use the same size batteries in both flashlights.

M: What happens when your flashlight runs out of batteries?
N: I am de-lighted.

3- Camping courtesies:
– Give the uphill hikers right-of-way.
– No radios or electronic noises on speakers – use earbuds or headphones if you must.
– No pets off-leash.
– Leave only footprints.
– Take only pictures and memories.
– Protect the environment.
– If you have a loud group – camp far away from other campers.
– Break a large group into several small groups.  (think patrols vs troops in 1 campsite)
– Keep the noise down after dark and before sunrise.
– Make sure that all human waste is buried or packed out.

O: Do you think that carrying a lit torch will save you from a bear attack?
P: It depends on how fast you carry it.

Semper Paratus,

Scout Skits: by Thomas Mercaldo

NOTE: I was asked to do some work on DNA, Genes, and RNA.  Well, I am studying up on the subject so that I can appear (somewhat) informed and accurate on the topic.  I have not really touched DNA since 10th-grade biology class several decades ago.  So this is an uphill climb for me.  Any help on this topic is welcome.

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