Sit. Rep. #114: Backpack house, Call Signs

1-  Backpacking or a car camping tent is another large expense against your budget for gear and clothes.  My constraints for a 3 season backpacking tent are:

  • Picture by Peter Vanosdall –

    Under 7 lbs – under 5 lbs is better,  There are a few under 4 lbs.
    7-foot floor dimension or longer.

    Room for 2. A 2 person tent is more cost-effective and weighs less than 2 – 1 person tents.  And they are warmer with the 2nd person inside.

    2 poles vs 3 if possible.  Some have a 3rd pole just for the vestibule/rainfly.  The rainfly helps to reduce the rain and moisture inside of the tent.

    Vestibule if possible.  A place for muddy boots!
    Brands that I trust without researching: (A+)North Face, Kelty, Sierra Designs, REI. (A) Coleman.

Rishabh Pandoh –

A simple “A-frame” tent should be under 40 $.  This sets up like an old fashion “pup” tent.  Take an extra tarp to fly over this type (single wall) of tent.

Denys Nevozhai –

If you are planning trips to windy or very cold places – look at 4 season tents.  They are sturdier in design and materials.  And a bit heavier to backpack.

G:  What do you say when the Statue of Liberty sneezes?
H: God Bless America.

2- I have a second tent for car camping.  I call it the “condo” tent.  It is sized for 6 youths or 4 adults.  It takes 2 people to erect.  My cot and footlocker fit inside without any cramping space. I picked it up from a rental store at the end of the season for a great price.

I: What do you call a cloistered priest eating potato chips?
J: A chip monk.

3- Ham Q & A:
When is an amateur station required to transmit its assigned call sign?
      At least every 10 minutes during and at the end of a communication.
When may an amateur station transmit without on-the-air identification?
     When transmitting signals to control a model craft.
Which of the following is an acceptable language to use for station identification when operating in a phone sub-band?
     The English language.

What method of call sign identification is required for a station transmitting phone signals?
    Send the call sign using a CW or phone emission.
What are the FCC rules regarding the use of a phonetic alphabet for station identification in the Amateur Radio Service?
     It is encouraged.

When using tactical identifiers such as “Race Headquarters” during a community service net operation, how often must your station transmit the station’s FCC assigned call sign?
     At the end of each communication and every ten minutes during a communication.

Which of the following formats of a self-assigned indicator is acceptable when identifying using a phone transmission?
      All of these choices are correct
          • KL7CC stroke W3
          • KL7CC slant W3
          • KL7CC slash W3

Note: Let’s finish Ham Radio Questions – see next couple of Sit. Reps.

Whisky 4 Golf Charlie Foxtrot, 73,

Thanks to KB6NU Ham Radio Study Guides

Campsite Cooking by Thomas Mercaldo

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