Sit. Rep. #112: Jargon or Knot

1- Rope and Line; jargon, technicalities,  and terms: (Forgive me dear Coasties and Sailors as I use the term “rope”)

– Working End: a rope has an end that ties the knot,
– Bitter End: is the end of the rope after the knot is tied,

– Standing: is the part of the rope that does just that – it stands still, inactive in making the knot,
– Bight: is the working end of the standing rope bent back and parallel to (but not crossing) the standing part of the rope,

– Loop or Single Turn: is where a working portion of the rope crosses over the standing portion of the rope,
– Turn: rope looped once around a stationary or fixed object,
– Round Turn: rope looped twice around a fixed or stationary object,
– 2 Round Turns: rope is looped thrice about the fixed or stationary object,

– Knot: is tying a rope back onto itself,  (usually making or using a loop)
– Hitch: attach ropes together or to a fixed object,

– Overhand Loop: the working end is brought over the standing portion,
– Underhand Loop: the working end is brought under the standing portion,

– Cows Tail: an end of the rope that is frayed or unraveling,
– Whip: Winding of cord around the end of the rope to prevent a Cows Tail,

– Splice: the interweaving of 2 sections of rope together to join them… sometimes back onto itself to form a (more) permanent loop,
– Seize: to use a third piece of cord to tie 2 ropes together ( it looks & is tied like Whipping but with 2 ropes in the middle),
– Snugged or to Dress: to tighten up a knot (or hitch) correctly… for or before inspection,

– Hawser: a rope of over 6″… NOTE: rope is sized by diameter… sailors line is sized by circumference,
– Eye: rope spiced or seized back onto itself to form a permanent loop  OR a grommet or thimble can be secured inside of the loop to make the eye,

– Lash: to secure 2 or more objects together so the objects do not separate,
– Messenger: a small lightweight rope that is the precursor to hauling a heavier rope,
– Thimble: U shaped (usually brass) metal grommet that does not complete a loop onto itself and used as the inside of an eye,

– Slipped, Slippery, or Spilled knots: are untied by pulling on the bitter end,  (untying your shoes)
– Noose knots: are sliding knots that tighten the loop when pulled (usually pulled on the standing end, or the loop is pulled, or the knot can be slid),
– Toggle a smooth piece of hardwood that (usually cone or wedge-shaped) is shoved into the knot to tighten the knot or to loosen and allow the knot to be untied.

A: What do you call a formal knotted string?
B: A tie.

Semper Paratus,

Ranger Skits by Thomas Mercaldo

Wiki (partial) List of Knots:

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