Sit. Rep. #107: SAS, Heat, None to be had

1-  Bear Grylls served in the British SAS (British Special Forces).  They went on “hard routine.”  They existed for days on end without a hot meal.  He points out that a hot meal makes your job in the out-of-doors a lot easier.
1- Build a camp/cooking fire to heat your meal.
2- Trail or backpacking stove.
Heating food does several things:

  • Destroys harmful bacteria, toxins, viruses, protozoa, and parasites.
  • Wards off critters like fleas, ticks, and maggots.
  • Begins to break down food so that food is more easily and thoroughly digested.
  • Warms the body and the spirit.
  • Seasons the food – some seasons taste better when cooked.  Like salting meat before cooking for a richer flavor.

1B- The advantage of trail stove is that it has less of an ecological and Leave No Trace footprint.  Stove & fuel may be heavier than a pack of matches.  Every stove requires a certain kind of fuel.  (canister, petroleum, LP/propane, synthetic)

1C- Building a cooking fire means that you are subject to acquired fuels – ie: living off the land.  Usually bigger and harder to maintain and contain in a windy situation.  Can handle more than 1 pot at a time.  Can cook using different methods at the same time (baking, frying, grilling, boiling…)  It may not be as hot as a camping stove.  Takes time to be ready to cook on.  Clean up of the fire is more time-consuming and tedious.  Pot & pan cleanup is worse.  You can also heat yourself and your patrol from the fire.

NOTE: There are exothermic chemical heaters but they are specific sizes and hard to adapt.  They are also expensive.  And you have to pack them out.

I: What is worse than finding a worm in an apple?
J: Finding half a worm.


K: I used to be addicted to the Hokey Pokey.
L: I see you have turned yourself around.

2- Drink clean water often.  Drink before you get thirsty.  Monitor your urine frequency and color.  Drink!  Drinking water is easier than becoming a medical emergency and getting an IV needle stuck into you.  I have seen multiple IVs stuck in a person in a very bad case!

M: What did the shark say after eating the clownfish?
N: That tasted a little funny.

3- Spying water when there is none.  Watch the animal life.  A lot of animals water at dawn and at dusk.  Birds travel from nest to water, water to nest, or are out searching for food.  Go back and re-read Sit. Rep. # 73 and Sit. Rep. #22 on animal observation.

O: What do pigs use when they have an infection?
p: Antibiotic oink-ment.

Semper Paratus,

Creative Campfires by Thomas Mercaldo

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