Sit. Rep #1: Blue Sky – Getting Started

Scoutmaster Vann & I were “BLUE-SKYING” about the Covid-19 situation that we all are in. I asked his permission to address the Troop. So here goes:
1- How can the Troop Leadership support you and your family during this situation?
2- What would you like from the Troop Leadership? Please be sincere, thoughtful & honest with your reply. Just send it to me & I will collect them.

A- What musical instrument do you find in the bathroom?
B- A TUBA toothpaste!

Personal suggestions:
3- Make a daily plan. Spend some time alone. (without phone, TV, Radio, Video games…)

4- Give everyone some slack, be thoughtful before sounding off. We all are under some stress because of the situation. There will be no “normal” for a while…

5- Part of your plan is to help around the house – yeah chores. Please do something extra. (treat your family to a dish at dinner, or cook the whole meal and cleanup.)

6- Get ahead on school work.

7- Tackle something new: A new language, skill, musical instrument, recipe.

C- What kind of lights did Noah have on the Ark?
D- Flood Lights!

Scouting Suggestions:
8- Family Life MB and Personal Fitness MB both take 90 days:

9- Look up a Scout Skill that you are weak on & spend 15 mins. a day on that skill until you have mastered it. Then pick a new skill to work on…….. example: tying knots.

E- Where do pencils go on vacation?
F- Pencilvania!

10- I am an Amateur Radio Operator. We are mostly called HAMS or Ham Radio Operator. Here is a link to Ham Radio.  ARRL is the national association of Amateur Radio in the US.  Here is their link.

11- I will send out some study suggestions for the FCC / Ham License. Starting tomorrow. Let me know how you are doing.

Stay in Touch.

G- Do you know how a Grizzly Bear fights?
H- With their Bear Hands!

Thanks to Thomas Mercaldo’s book The BIG Book of Campfire Jokes and Riddles:

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