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Well, see, there was this virus…

     What started as a regular email newsletter to equip, encourage, and entertain just the Scouts and parents in the troop I serve.  The emails were quickly met with encouragement to share it with a wider audience.  The emails were full of random activity and project suggestions, learning prompts, and humorous distractions to help the troop navigate the challenges of having so much time at home as a result of the pandemic. 

     One mom said she and her daughter even enjoyed the information and got a regular giggle they got from the jokes!

     Think of this as an electronic campfire where we gather to share stories, lessons, knowledge, friendship, and fellowship.  This is where I’ll share around 40 years of Scouting experience.  I’ll do my best to pass along the lessons I’ve learned.  Some of the lessons come from all the mistakes I’ve made!  And all the fun I have had.

​     We’ll try to gather helpful wisdom around any Scouting question you want to put on the table, but you’ll likely hear the most on my favorite topics: camping, white water, orienteering, HAM radio, D-I-Y Fun building projects, and emergency preparedness to name a few.

​      There’s also a public message forum for any other topics you’d like to share with me.  More importantly, you can have conversations there and learn from each other!  You’ll have to join the site to post in the forum.  However, I won’t ever share your name or email address with anyone else.

​      Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you’ll find something helpful for all of your Scouting adventures – whether they happen at home or in the field.

As always – get prepared to be prepared,

     Disclaimer:  I am writing these Sit. Reps. for entertainment purposes only.

     Important Notice:  The conversations we have here are an opportunity for community learning.  However, they are usually focused on specific situations or contexts and should not be considered to be the complete, final word on any subject — especially safety!  

     There is no way I can cover all safety aspects of any part of this conversation.  If you do not know how to do something specific or anything in general; please get help in learning how to do things safely.  Take a class.  Read & follow all instructions and owners manuals.  Find a mentor who is qualified to teach you and how to do things safely.

​     Always consult your Boy Scout Handbook and the Guide to Safe Scouting for more complete discussions of all of the safety considerations you should take into account as you enjoy the activities we discuss here.

​     Your common sense should also keep you safe.  Do not do anything stupid, unsafe, or illegal.  Respect nature, the environment, property, the law, and other folks at all times.

​     This should not be used as a substitute for professional advice or training.  My editors,  my contributors, my moderators, and myself disclaim any and all responsibility for problems that may occur as a  result from following or using the information, procedures, or techniques included or discussed in or on this website.

​     Please note:  This forum & blog are done as a service to a wide community.  I am not making any money on this service.  When I include links or talk about a specific product; I’m not being paid to that.  I only mention things that I’ve actually used and found worthy of passing along for your own use at your discretion.  If I ever get sponsorships; I will be upfront with you. 

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