Sit. Rep. #147: Lightning Bolts

1- Lightning is a huge static electricity discharge.  Which is hotter; the surface of the Sun or a Lightning Bolt?  The surface of the sun runs about 11,000 deg. F. Lightning runs up to 50,000 deg. F.  There are some estimates that say the voltage of a bolt of lightning runs as high as 120,000 … Read more

Sit. Rep. #143: Pirates and Pasta

1- You may have noticed that these Sit. Rep.s have a lot of references to WEATHER.  When we are at home, car, school, church, the gym, friend’s house… we are out of the weather and that is about as much as we think about it.  Except when to go out into the weather we wear … Read more

Sit. Rep. #138: Cycling, Cloud ID

Cycling, Biking, Bike Riding: 1- No matter what you call it you can pass off Cycling Merit Badge and have some fun.  There are many similarities to hiking and backpacking.  Review the two checklists called Pocket Stuff and a Day Hike List.    These are both in Google Docs and are downloadable.  Some initial safety … Read more

Sit. Rep. #85: System Temperature vs Heat

1– Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking did what they called “thought experiments.”  They used this process to take physics to a higher level.  Both are extremely fun to read about and study. But where I want to go is to do a thought explanation of the difference between heat & temperature.  I had to figure … Read more

Sit. Rep. #84: Cloth to Respect!

1- I am looking for an artist &/or photographer to help me design a logo.  The website is using WordPress which I am learning bit-by-bit.  I could use some pictures from campouts, campfires, Scouts in general. 2- Here are a couple of weather tips that I have learned over the years.  When you hear a … Read more