Sit. Rep #1: Blue Sky – Getting Started

Hi,Scoutmaster Vann & I were “BLUE-SKYING” about the Covid-19 situation that we all are in. I asked his permission to address the Troop. So here goes: 1- How can the Troop Leadership support you and your family during this situation? 2- What would you like from the Troop Leadership? Please be sincere, thoughtful & honest … Read more

Sit. Rep. #0 How we got started, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer: Please read

Well, see, there was this virus…      What started as a regular email newsletter to equip, encourage, and entertain just the Scouts and parents in the troop I serve.  The emails were quickly met with encouragement to share it with a wider audience.  The emails were full of random activity and project suggestions, learning prompts, … Read more