Sit. Rep. #126: The Dark Side, If – again

1- Scouting:  Ask every Scouter you know what their life would be like without Scouts?  What did they learn & how did they use that knowledge or skills from Scouts?  What would they have done differently in Scouts?  What kind of Leadership roles were learned in Scouts?  What kind of Service Projects did those Scouts … Read more

Sit. Rep. #100: Service, EDGE, and Onions

1- “Service” is not a complicated word nor hard to spell.  To serve others.  To render aid to someone else.  To help or benefit or contribute to others.  The etymology of the word dates back to Roman times.  It started off in Latin as “servitium” meaning slavery or servitude. Circa 1200 the meaning shifted or … Read more

Sit. Rep. #40: Reading the weather without the book

1- Nice storm last night.  That makes me think about camping in that kind of weather.    When was the last time (and the next time) you waterproof your tent?  Dining fly?  Ground cloth?      How would you anchor your tent & dining fly in that kind of storm?  Do you carry extra tent stakes … Read more

Sit. Rep. #25: Please, no splinters

From the old guy;  Note: Different countries/cultures call the same part different things- ie: they use different words to mean the same thing even when we are using the language. 1- A while back I was asked what single thing I wanted to have if I was ever lost and in a survival situation.  My … Read more