Sit. Rep. #92: Hiking, Checklists, and Flowers

1- As fall approaches and Troops start becoming active after summer camp; I think of hiking & backpacking.  The main purpose of my emails/blogs is to have a conversation around Scouting, Advancement, Leadership, & the Outdoors.  This may seem elementary to some but I am going to start with some foundation information about preparing, surviving, … Read more

Sit. Rep. #85: System Temperature vs Heat

1– Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking did what they called “thought experiments.”  They used this process to take physics to a higher level.  Both are extremely fun to read about and study. But where I want to go is to do a thought explanation of the difference between heat & temperature.  I had to figure … Read more

Sit. Rep. #66: Finicky & Fickled, Rain drops keep falling on my head…

#1- Try sitting outside sometime during light to moderate shower.  Watch the leaves drain the raindrops.  What do you notice?   I notice that the leaves drop the raindrops further to the outside of the tree away from the trunk.  Each leaf migrates the drops toward the perimeter one drop at a time as the raindrops … Read more

Sit. Rep. #61: BBQ is on my food list

1- Food has always been one of my favorite topics and past times.  Besides eating there are several reasons that Scouts have several opportunities to learn about food in their advancement.   Our bodies take multitudes of chemicals to operate.  Water, Minerals, Metals, Amino Acids, Sugars (both complex & simple), and Fiber.    A- Water we … Read more

Sit. Rep. #58: On the Rocks

1-  Please find this Youtube video:   Bill Mason’s Path of the Paddle – White Water This video runs about an hour – it 2 combined 30 min shows.  I have taken lots of notes from this video.  He uses a few different terms:  Listen for these:  Hay Stack waves,  Roller Coaster,  Ledge,  Chute,  Ferry,  … Read more

Sit. Rep. #56: Black Swans & H2O

1- You may have heard the term “Black Swan” in the news.  A black swan event or just black swan means an unpredictable event.  It is an event beyond what is normally expected.  It is outside of the normal day-to-day routine.  This event is hard to predict and therefore causes instability.      It is … Read more