Sit. Rep. #162: Knot is not a Knot, Or is it?

1A- A statute mile as we in the US know it is 5,280 feet long. How did it come to be this sort of awkward number?  Let us go all the way back to the Romans.  The Roman Empire measured the “mille passus”, or “thousand paces,” as 5,000 Roman Feet as a Roman Mile.  The … Read more

Sit. Rep. #157: Topographic Terrain Features – I, Major and Rare

1- There are four main topographic terrain features to be familiar with. Hill, Hilltop, Mountain top, Peak, Summit, Prominences, Knoll Ridge, Ridge Line, Ridge Top, Mountain Ridge Saddle, Defile Valley, Canyon, Gorge, Ravine, Gully 1.1 Hilltop has several names.  It is where the land slopes downward in all directions from the immediate vicinity. 1.2 Ridge, … Read more