Sit. Rep. #154: Water Crossings – II, Hazards vs Safety

1- Surveying the water crossing point: Look and walk downstream to see if there are any hazards. Stream or river junctions where currents become unpredictable. Downed trees, undercut rocks or banks, “washing machine” eddies, waterfalls, low water dams. Snags and strainers kill! Change in current speed caused by narrowing of the banks. Steep, slick, icy, … Read more

Sit. Rep. #131: Mastery Builds Confidence

1- EDGE: learning, understanding, teaching, and mastery.  We talked about School in Sit. Rep. #6.  Your Personal toolkit was discussed in Sit. Rep. # 17.  Scouting EDGE was covered in Sit. Rep. #83 and #96.  Generally when we pass a Scout off of fulfilling a requirement for Scout advancement; that Scout has generally passed the … Read more