Sit. Rep. #136: Listen and Hear, 4 cycle

Ears for listening: 1- Listen.  Name all the sounds that you hear.  Listen in the dead of night.  Listen on a camping trip when no one is talking or moving.  Listen to the weather.  Listen to the wildlife.  Listen for what is missing.  Listen with your eyes to see what or who is making the … Read more

Sit. Rep. #135: Efficacy, Murphy, Heat Index

Body Fluids: 1- Your body uses and loses water every moment of your life.  Our bodies lose water thru breathing, sweating, urinating, and defecating.  Also through blood loss and female menstrual cycles.  Not to mention injuries.  Heat and cold exposure, high altitude, flying, burns, illness, and increased activity cause your body to need more water … Read more

Sit. Rep. #129: Ethics Plan, Cold Joints, Talents

1- A few thoughts about Outdoor Ethics: Plan.  A well-thought-out plan will help you minimize your environmental impact.  Such as – travel/hike/visit during non-peak periods… Planning involves knowing any and all special considerations such as Tour Permits, Fees, Max. Group Size, Latrine Usage, Designated Campsites… Plan for bad weather, environmental and man-made hazards, and possible … Read more

Sit. Rep. #128: Repeaters, Wear First

1- FM – Ham Operations: What type of amateur station simultaneously re-transmits the signal of another amateur station on a different channel or frequency?       Repeater station What types of amateur stations can automatically re-transmit the signals of other amateur stations?      Repeater, auxiliary, or space stations Which of the following describes a linked repeater … Read more

Sit. Rep. #124: Risk, Q Signals, EPIRBs

1- This is from the Pacific Crest Trail Association: There is intrinsic risk in the wilderness. lightning, cold weather, falling rock, wild animals, and a long list of other/additional dangers exist. It’s not 100% safe. A twisted ankle can be life-threatening if you are alone. Learn first aid. You are responsible for your own safety. … Read more

Sit. Rep. #123: First Time, Net Control

1- Camping for the first time?  Let’s walk through some considerations together. A: Shelter, do you have a tent or are you staying at some other kind of shelter?  What is your backup plan if the shelter is not available? B: Water, do you know how to treat or filter to make the water safe … Read more

Sit. Rep. #122: Agonic, Downlink, New Feature – Meeting Plans & Notes

1-  “Declination” is a natural deviation that you/we have to correct for.  So imagine that you have a perfectly round beach ball.  Now sit on the “north” pole of the beach ball.  The beach ball’s equator sticks out or bulges out of round.  Add peaks and mountain ranges and valleys and ocean troughs and mid-ocean … Read more