Sit. Rep. #152: Remember / Reminders…

1-Remember: Print out the directions to the trailhead or camp for the driver.  Electronics do not always work.  Be Prepared with a backup. A copy of printed directions with each vehicle/driver/co-pilot. 2 copies of all permits, reservations, and contacts.  A copy with 2 different folks. Trail maps, Topo maps – 2 copies with each Patrol. … Read more

Sit. Rep. #93: Knots, Lids, & Permits

1- OK!  You have spent at least a month getting in physical shape for your first hike or backpacking trip.  You have learned how to mentally deal with physical exertion.  You now know how it feels and you can muster through it.  You have put up & struck your tent many times including several times … Read more

Sit. Rep. #91: Chips, Weaving, & Kits

1- I carry an Emery Board in my shaving kit when I go camping.  These can take care of cracked toe or fingernails, calluses, and can even be a backup match striker. 2- Many companies have intern programs.  Some pay, some do not.  Some schools give class credit for internships.  (I just found out that … Read more