Sit. Rep. #112: Jargon or Knot

1- Rope and Line; jargon, technicalities,  and terms: (Forgive me dear Coasties and Sailors as I use the term “rope”) – Working End: a rope has an end that ties the knot, – Bitter End: is the end of the rope after the knot is tied, – Standing: is the part of the rope that … Read more

Sit. Rep. #93: Knots, Lids, & Permits

1- OK!  You have spent at least a month getting in physical shape for your first hike or backpacking trip.  You have learned how to mentally deal with physical exertion.  You now know how it feels and you can muster through it.  You have put up & struck your tent many times including several times … Read more

Sit. Rep. #88: Dancing Ghosts, Projections, & Pioneer Projects

Map Info: 1- Let me get 2 things out of the way first:    A- When is a map out-of-date?  The day it is published.  The world is constantly changing. B- Every map distorts something.  How much and how it distorts depends on the type of projection that the cartographer uses.  Any map that is … Read more

Sit. Rep. #75: Baking, Broiling, & Breakfast

1- Over the years of camping, I developed a method of breaking camp for my personal gear.  Getting on the trail quickly was an important element of getting 10 miles or more covered.   A- When I wake up, I immediately start draining the air mattress of air.  Even before I get out of the … Read more

Sit. Rep. #70: Dissemination & Slippery

1-  The term Propagation means according to the dictionary is: to disseminate, spread, or circulate.  In Ham Radio (and all other kinds of Radio transmission & reception)  Propagation means the ways that the RF signal travels from the transmitter to receiver.  Line-of-Sight, Ionosphere bounce, Moon bounce (called EME for Earth, Moon, Earth), Meteor Scatter, Ducting, … Read more