Sit. Rep. #157: Topographic Terrain Features – I, Major and Rare

1- There are four main topographic terrain features to be familiar with. Hill, Hilltop, Mountain top, Peak, Summit, Prominences, Knoll Ridge, Ridge Line, Ridge Top, Mountain Ridge Saddle, Defile Valley, Canyon, Gorge, Ravine, Gully 1.1 Hilltop has several names.  It is where the land slopes downward in all directions from the immediate vicinity. 1.2 Ridge, … Read more

Sit. Rep. #154: Water Crossings – II, Hazards vs Safety

1- Surveying the water crossing point: Look and walk downstream to see if there are any hazards. Stream or river junctions where currents become unpredictable. Downed trees, undercut rocks or banks, “washing machine” eddies, waterfalls, low water dams. Snags and strainers kill! Change in current speed caused by narrowing of the banks. Steep, slick, icy, … Read more

Sit. Rep. #127: Hot Wash, Day Hike List

1- One habit I installed into my Troop was to do a “Hot Wash” after a camping trip.  Some folks call it a “debrief.”  It was simply a few questions that asked: What went well?  Did learning take place?  What was missing?  What could we have done better?  Were there any weak links in the … Read more

Sit. Rep. #123: First Time, Net Control

1- Camping for the first time?  Let’s walk through some considerations together. A: Shelter, do you have a tent or are you staying at some other kind of shelter?  What is your backup plan if the shelter is not available? B: Water, do you know how to treat or filter to make the water safe … Read more